Layout Switcher

Just like an app switcher, what if there is a layout switcher at your finger tips that changes the layout of your app

What is it?

Just like Apple's app switcher to switch apps, layout switcher changes the layout of your app. It mimics the behavior of Apple's CMD+TAB but instead here you'd need to assign OPT+TAB as keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard only support

Mouse only support

How to use it?

For keyboard users, from spaces app click on "settings" from "more" menu and set the keyboard shortcut(we recommend Option+Tab)
- Option+Tab will work like Apple'ss CMD+Tab behavior
- If you set other keys as a shortcut then you have to use arrows to navigate to left or right and then press enter key to see the layout change
For mouse users, hover your mouse to the top center edge of the screen to trigger Layout Switcher feature (make sure the option is enabled in settings under "more" menu)


15 frames

Mouse only support

Keyboard only support

Context awareness

Respects stage manager

Multiple displays support
(coming soon)

more features coming soon...

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Made by deepu